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Audiovisual presentations

A virtual navigation that takes its participants on a trip with their Skipper Osvaldo E. Torres, travelling one of the most inhospitable and remote regions of the world: Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn and Antarctica. His years of experience in this region are combined with images showing the most spectacular geographic features of this "extraordinary region". Mighty unexplored peaks, fjords, channels, and impressive glaciers are our daily routine as we sail south of Tierra del Fuego.

Osvaldo presents the Cape Horn region from a historical and contemporary perspective. A southern land proud of its rich maritime history, which begins with the life of its first local inhabitants, the culture of the "Yaghanes" canoeists; then the arrival of the first European explorers, with discoveries and various expeditions from all corners of the world. These presentations are accompanied by historical accounts and contemporary experiences, also presenting in detail, our navigations and expeditions in these cold and sometimes - stormy waters of Cape Horn. All these stories and experiences are transmitted by the skipper in a casual, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Some presentations that have already taken place

  • Kap Hoorn – „Der Everest aller Segler“ - Club Haus „Cabo de Hornos“, Maintal
  • Eine Weltumseglung mit ungeplantem Ende - We Love Tavel Messe ITB, Berlin
  • Segeln ans Ende der Welt „Kap Horn“ - Laborschule, Bielefeld
  • “Eine Segelexpedition am Ende der Welt“- Hansa Haus, Borkum
  • Antarktis -“Eine Segelexpedition ans Ende der Welt“ - Hefel Wohnbau Terminal V – Österreich, Bregenz
  • Kap Hoorn: “Die Geschichte von Seefahrern, Schiffen und Wracks am Ende der Welt” - Yacht Club Lister am Biggesee, Attendorn
  • “12 Tage-Segeltörn durch das Archipel Feuerlands und Kap Hoorn“ - Club Haus „Cabo de Hornos“, Maintal
  • Ein Segeltörn durch Feuerland und Kap Hoorn - Yacht Club Münster e.V., Münster
  • Kap Hoorn – „Der Everest aller Segler“ - Wassersportvereinigung Hochtaunus e.V., Oberursel
  • Die Insel Navarino“ im Beagle-Kanal, Chile - Wassersportschule Oberlausitz, Zittau
  • Cedena, die südlichste Segelschule der Welt – Kap Hoorn - Segelclub Hoorn – Niederlande, Hoorn

If you are interested, please contact us by email or using our contact form. Details and focal points of a presentation can be discussed individually.