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POLARWIND - Die Kraft der Träume

The book: "Die Kraft der Träume" tells the story of the realization of a family project: Sailing around the world as a family and on your own yacht. Osvaldo Escobar Torres, Jutta Walter and their son Theo, only 2 years old, set sail aboard their own sailboat from Europe to the southern tip of the American continent.

With their 16-metre sailing yacht POLARWIND they start their adventure from the port of Preveza in Greece. They sail the entire Mediterranean Sea and after having visited Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and Gibraltar, they set course for Madeira Island in Portugal and then the Canary Islands.

They set sail from Cape Verde-Africa at the end of 2010 and crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 14 days of sailing to the port of Recife in Brazil.

In Argentina the family stays for almost a year in a small marina in Buenos Aires. Their son Theo enters a kindergarten for the first time, while his parents endure 8 months of hard work preparing the boat for the most difficult stage of this family project - sailing towards the stormy and cold waters of Cape Horn.

Interesting how the author describes daily life on board, especially the family lifestyle sailing the Atlantic Ocean to South America, Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn.

Jutta recounts not only the unforgettable moments of long winter days in the Fuegian channels, but also the difficulties on board, the stormy days, the exchange of experiences with other sailors, the contact with nature and its people, and especially the birth of her daughter Antonia in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina on board and in the middle of winter in the region of Cape Horn.

The book is a very open and candid account of the concerns of those 3 years of sailing as a family, of the moments of anguish and disappointment, and above all of the emotions and the joy, and of situations that only allow us to continue dreaming of completing the project of sailing around the world as a family.

POLARWIND - Die Kraft der Träume, language: German, 480 pages, 60 colour photos.

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