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Nautical Sports School CEDENA of Puerto Williams

The establishment of CEDENA Puerto Williams (Club Escuela Deportes Náuticos de Puerto Williams), our Nautical Sports School and Club of Puerto Williams, has allowed us to successfully insert ourseves into the local community and to be considered by its families an important contribution to the education of young people, providing unforgettable experiences to teach them that nothing is impossible, that they can achieve their dreams and presenting them as well an alternative in life; without a doubt we have helped many young people to step positively into their future and are proud of having already the first ones among them telling us so.

CEDENA PW is a non-profit foundation, whose mission is to contribute to the education of young people through their participation in nautical sports. We are the southernmost sailing school in the world, and the closest to the mythical Cape Horn. This initiative started in 2014 and more than 500 girls, boys, young people between 7 and 17 years old have attended our classes to date.

For us, sailing and nautical sports in general, are expressions of virtues, especially when practiced in a team, since they strengthen the children’s values, principles and talents, which are so fundamental to their education.

Our objectives are definitely focused on contributing to the development of a prosperous nation, knowing that for this purpose we need strong hearted young people, willing to conquer and to develop their own talents, able to work in a team and enjoying their freedom with responsibility and, of course, committed to their country.