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Trekking and Mountain Climbing Expeditions

Hiking in undisturbed nature, surrounded by forests, glaciers, icy peaks, turquoise lakes and sheer rock faces: there is a good reason a large portion of the Tierra del Fuego peninsula was declared a world heritage site in 2005. Mountain and hiking tours in natural harmony with the environment provide for an unforgettable experience. What better way to reach this wilderness than by boat? Whether you seek mountain climbing adventures, simple hiking tours, or anything in between: the possibilities are endless. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

The Darwin Mountain Range in Tierra del Fuego is the most spectacular part of the southern Andes. With heights over 2.000 m, the Darwin mountain range, located to the south of the Magellan Strait, continues to the southeast. Precisely there, the presence of channels, fjords, glaciers, native forests, flora and fauna constitute a fascinating, pure and breathtaking display of nature.

This unique topography does not make it easy to reach and explore every fjord and channel. We have been part of several trekking and climbing expeditions, for example:

  • Gore-Tex Expedition: Renard Tower, Antarctic
  • Argentinian Expedition: Cordillera Darwin – Patagonia
  • Chilean – German Expedition: Monte Sarmiento – Cordillera Darwin
  • Monte Giordano Expeditions – Cordillera Darwin

The natural characteristics of this region keep mountains and forests close to their original state. The great diversity of habitats provided by forests and lakes makes it one of the 37 most important wilderness areas of the world. (Wilderness Area Concept, Conservation International 2002) It was declared Biosphere reservation by the UNESCO in 2006.